Cheap Seats


One of the things I'm most thankful for is the passionate -- yet civil -- tone of the conversation between the readers of this blog.

When I started View From the Cheap Seats about seven years ago I did it not because I love to talk about baseball. And it seems most of the people who come around here feel the same way. I marvel about how it's been able, with few exceptions, to avoid the know it all types who troll other blogs to tell their authors and readers how they know nothing about baseball and generally bully people until they get sick of it and don't come around anymore.

It amazes me how many people who obviously go to Busch Stadium less frequently than they change their motor oil seem to get a kick out of saying outrageous things just to make other people upset. They view the internet not as a way to communicate but as a giant bullhorn they can use to spread their venomous remarks.

So thanks, readers and friends, for making talking about the Cardinals here so much fun. It seems that every time I think it's all been said and done, someone makes a comment or a point that I never thought of to spark my interest and inspire me to keep on going.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!