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Have Tigers emerged as a contender for Carlos Beltran?

Two years after the Detroit Tigers made like the Anaheim Angels and dished out $200 million plus for an aging first baseman, they might be changing their tactics and taking a page from the St. Louis Cardinals playbook.

Detroit signed Prince Fielder to a huge contract and got no closer to winnings its first World Series since 1984. So it shed his salary in a trade with Detroit -- and now the Tigers have been rumored to have emerged as a suitor for Albert Pujols' replacement in St. Louis, Carlos Beltran.

If the Tigers can offer Beltran a competitive contract with what other teams will bid for his services, Comerica Field might make a lot of sense for the team and the player. 

Beltran -- along with new addition Ian Kinsler -- will make the Detroit lineup even more potent. That means he'll get the best of all worlds: A chance to win, a chance to play everyday and a chance to play for an American League team where he can evolve into being a designated hitter.

In return the Tigers get financial freedom from the fact that both Beltran and Kinsler not only will make less combined money than the team owed Fielder. But they have shorter term deals than Fielder.

It's tough to beat improving your chances to win and your bottom line at the same time.