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St. Louis Cardinals reliever Axford to sign with Cleveland Indians

According to multiple reports former St. Louis Cardinals reliever John Axford has signed a contract to pitch for the Cleveland Indians.

Terms have not yet been disclosed. But it is believed to be a one-year deal.

I would have liked to see the Redbirds re-sign Axford, who was acquired in trade for young reliever Michael Blazek during the 2013 season. While the members of the St. Louis bullpen are very talented, they are also very young. So it would have been nice to have a veteran presence in the mix.

The Cardinals could have kept Axford for about $6 million, his projected salary if the team would have offered him arbitration. But the team apparently thought Axford was to expensive at that price. Any chance to sign him to a lesser deal would have disappeared when Axford hit the open market because of his experience and ability to be a closer.

Axford, a frequent tweeter, has said nothing about his career decision on his Twitter feed as of early Monday morning. In the past he posted about his excitement to join the Cardinals -- and then later posted a faux personal ad looking for love from another club after St. Louis decided not to offer him a contract.