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Former St. Louis Cardinals lefty Mark Mulder wants a guaranteed MLB contract

Former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Mark Mulder is asking teams for a guaranteed, major league contract in his comeback bid, according to CSN.

The Giants were said to be curious about the once-dominant lefty. But not at that price.

Mulder hasn't pitched since 2008. And he hasn't pitched well since 2005 when he suffered a shoulder injury that he just couldn't overcome. Mulder claims that he has developed a new delivery that allows him to pitch around his shoulder limitation and heave a fastball at up to 90 miles an hour.

The bold demands seem ridiculous when Mulder collected $17.25 million from the Redbirds after his career went belly up. Former St. Louis general manager Walt Jocketty gave Mulder a two-year, $11.5-million deal prior to the 2997 season. That's slightly more than half the money he made in his career including the days when he was 81-42 for the Oakland Athletics with a 3.92 ERA.

Mulder was 16-8 with a 3.64 ERA in his first full season with the Cardinals in 2005. But it was all downhill from there. He was 6-10 over the next three years with a 7.73 ERA.

Maybe Mulder made the ambitious contract demands because he would need that sort of enticement to leave his job as a baseball analyst with ESPN. Or maybe he just thinks he's entitled to a bunch of free money because he's a lefty and he has a pulse.