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Fox Sports Midwest to show Cardinals marathon on Christmas

If you asked Santa to bring on the Major League Baseball season more quickly, there isn't much he can do about the calendar.

But Santa did the next best thing and pulled some strings at Fox Sports Midwest.

The St. Louis Cardinals' home network will show a marathon on Christmas day of some of the club's most exciting games from the 2013 season. They are:

12 p.m. - Reds at Cardinals, Aug. 26 when the Cardinals clinched the NL Central crown against their arch rivals

2 p.m. - Rockies at Cardinals, May 10 when Shelby Miller nearly pitched a perfect game

4 p.m. - Pirates at Cardinals, Aug. 15 when the Birds walked off against the Bucs

6 p.m. - Nationals at Cardinals, Sept. 24 when Michael Wacha narrowly missed a no-hitter

8 p.m. - Cardinals at Reds, Sept. 4 when Matt Adams became the first player to homer twice in extra innings to lead the Redbirds to victory.

It may not be live baseball. But at least you're sure the Cardinals are going to win the games, right?

I think it's always nice to have a big image of the warmth of summer on the big screen in the dead of winter as a sort of light at the end of the tunnel.