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Sporting News likes Adam Wainwright's deal, not Jhonny Peralta's

The Sporting News remains unimpressed with the St. Louis Cardinals' most expensive acquisition this winter.

In a list of the best and worst contracts for the MLB clubs, it calls Jhonny Peralta's four-year, $53-million deal the worst Cardinals pact.

"Peralta's deal is not unreasonable," the Sporting News reports. "But it is a four-year deal worth more than $13 million per season for a 31-year-old shortstop who has been below 3 WAR in three of the last five seasons."

Of course, that doesn't take into account the value of keeping cheap, high-ceiling prospects the Redbirds would have had to trade to get an equal of better talent at the most demanding defensive position.

The Sporting News is most impressed with Adam Wainwright's contract among Cardinals players' deals. Which is a bit odd since a lot of national pundits panned giving a pitcher over the age of 30 such a lucrative deal. 

Wainwright is a bargain at less than $20 million per season, according to the publication. But I liked his signing no only because he's a guy who can be counted on every year to be in the Cy Young conversation. He's also a mentor and leader to the young St. Louis hurlers the team will count on in the future.

There is an institutional knowledge of what it takes to win it all in Wainwright. And it is much easier for him to share it with his junior hurlers than it would be for them to learn it on their own.

It's no surprise that the Angels' worst contract is the $212 over the next eight seasons owed to Albert Pujols. The Reds' worst deal is the $50 million the club still owes Brandon Phillips.