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I was really hoping A-Rod would get out of his suspension

I was disappointed to learn today that Alex Rodriguez's suspension was only reduced to 162, erasing his 2014 season before it began.

It was a compromise decision by an arbitration panel. MLB had tried to suspend Rodriguez for 212 games before the player appealed. The decision is an unprecedented length of suspension even with the reduction.

Whether or not you like A-Rod, I'm mostly upset to see the New York Yankees get a $25 million do-over on the ridiculous contract they gave Rodriguez when he greedily opted out of what was already the richest contract in baseball history.

It was obvious to everyone on the planet that the Yankees were bidding only against themselves. And they ended up giving Rodriguez a contract that, besides the player, only the Anaheim Angels can be thankful about. It's the one deal that keeps people from talking about the Albert Pujols 10-year deal as the worst in MLB history.

Players get guaranteed contracts that pay them well beyond their prime because the free agent market is so out of control. If you didn't believe that before, you must after watching the Yankees root for their highest-paid player to get suspended for as long as possible -- if not banned for life -- so they could get out from under their mistake on a technicality.

The players would never allow a change to the collective bargaining agreement that would limit the length of contracts. The only thing that can save the owners -- and the blue collar fans who are trying to maintain a toe-hold on the game -- is a little bit of reason and restraint on the part of the guys who write the checks.