Cheap Seats

I'm about ready for this winter to be over

This has undoubtedly been the longest winter I can remember.

Besides the polar vortex and it's bone-chilling temperatures and more ice and snow than a typical St. Louis winter, it seems like everybody has been sick more than usual. Or at least my family and I have been.

It's been a winter we just can't seem to shake.

So I'm thrilled to see that the St. Louis Cardinals have only two weeks to go before pitchers and catchers officially report to spring training.

Mother nature can play her games. But the boys of summer will soon start to tune up. And I believe it's written in the Constitution somewhere that when baseball starts to happen, warm  and sunny weather is legally required to follow soon thereafter.

It's odd that the winter has seemed to take so long because the Cardinals had as short of a winter as possible, thanks to their World Series appearance in 2013. I remember the winter of 2011-12 just seemed to fly by.

Well, maybe our winter will bring a sweeter summer. The last time I remember a winter with a blizzard and the other weather shenanigans that have gone one lately was in 1982. And that summer seemed to turn out ok in St. Louis.