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Freeman gets paid more than Holliday for less production

What is the MLB world coming to when the Atlanta Braves gave a player who has three full seasons under his belt -- but only once has hit better than .282 or driven in more than 100 RBIs in a season and never has notched more than 23 homers in a season -- $125 million guaranteed?

I'm not saying that Freddie Freeman isn't a very good ballplayer. But it's a big time commitment for a franchise that is locked into an unfavorable local television contract for years to come.

The Braves have to choose their investments wisely. And I don't believe that Freeman has earned a nine-figure paycheck at this stage of his career.

The St. Louis Cardinals took a ton of heat for signing Matt Holliday to a similar (but lesser) deal a few years back But Holliday was a veteran of 5 1/2 seasons with a .319 career average compared to Freeman's .285 mark. Holliday nearly averaged 100 ribbies a season and he had a .387 on base percentage and a .531 slugging percentage when the Cardinals signed him. Freeman has an on base percentage of .352 and a .443 slugging percentage without the track record.