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Ryan Dempster tells the Red Sox he doesn't feel like playing in 2014

Still sitting on the sidelines without a contract for 2014 as position players are to report to camp starting Monday, free agent shortstop Stephen Drew may have lucked out.

Starting pitcher Ryan Dempster, according to Fox Sports, told the Boston Red Sox Sunday that he doesn't feel like pitching in 2014. By deciding not to participate, Dempster will forfeit more than $13 million in salary for the upcoming season. So, unless Boston decides to try to spend a bunch of money on a replacement hurler off the free agent market, that frees up a pile of cash for Drew.

Dempster doesn't appear to be injured. According to Fox he wants to spend more time with his kids and, basically, said he doesn't feel up to pitching in 2014. He pointed out that he's not necessarily planning to retire. 

According to, Dempster has made just shy of $90 million over the last 15 years. Not bad for a guy who is 132-133 with a 4.35 ERA. And I'm all for a guy who isn't feeling it pushing away from the table instead of gorging himself on another MLB payday. But it must be tough to walk away from $13.25 million.

How many multi-millionaire former major leaguers have gone bankrupt? Look at another former Red Sox hurler, Curt Schilling. I wonder what he'd do right about now for another eight-figure year on a W-2 form.