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Are the Pirates interested in Stephen Drew?

According to a report from CBS Sports reporter Jon Heyman, the Pittsburgh Pirates could be interested in free agent shortstop Stephen Drew.

He said the Pirates may be itching to make a good will move toward fans after a very quiet winter has left Pittsburghers upset that the home team doesn't seem to be committed to continuing its newfound success. 

Apparently, some in the Pirates organization think that Drew would be a more steady contributor than incumbent shortstop Jordy Mercer who hit .285 last season in 103 games. Mercer, 26, hit .210 in his rookie campaign in 2012 but played in only 42 games.

I wonder about the immediate impact because Drew, while he's a superior fielder, isn't a huge producer at the plate. But, if I was a Pittsburgh fan, I'd mostly be concerned about the fact that the Pirates would have to give up a high draft pick in order to sign the free agent infielder. That's a bigger issue for the Pirates than it would be for most teams because they're a small market club that doesn't have a lot of room to make player development missteps.

Drew also doesn't make a lot of sense for the Pirates because of his pricetag.

According to Heyman, Drew has a standing offer from the Mets for one season at $9.5 million. But Drew doesn't think that's enough because he could have had $14.1 million from the Red Sox if he accepted their qualifying offer. 

It doesn't make much sense for the Pirates, who need help at first base and a corner outfielder to throw a huge pile of money at an incremental improvement at shortstop.