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St. Louis Cardinals get one shot of good news and two shots of bad

Tuesday was a day of mixed results for the St. Louis Cardinals pitching staff.

Lefty Jaime Garcia, who has been shut down with shoulder soreness after having major surgery on the joint in the middle of the 2013 season, apparently didn't find any obvious structural damage when he had an MRI earlier this week.

Although St. Louis GM John Mozeliak didn't provide specifics, he called the results of the examination "encouraging."

It wouldn't be a surprise to discover that a guy who is trying to shake out the cobwebs would have some irritation and some stiffness as he tries to crank things back up. Hopefully he doesn't require a clean-up procedure.

On the other hand, when a pitcher has major surgery it's also not a surprise if he's never the same again.

You can get Chris Carpenter or Curt Schilling results and come back stronger than ever. Or you can have Mark Mulder and Alan Benes results and never be the same again.

News wasn't great Tuesday for Trevor Rosenthal. According to ESPN, he left the mound after experiencing pain in his leg that was described as a groin pull. Hopefully it's not something that will linger. Rosenthal doesn't need to build up stamina like a starter. But it's always important to let a groin injury heal completely if you don't want to see it come back again later when you can least afford it.

Rosenthal is listed by the Cardinals as day-to-day. But we'll probably know how long he's going to be out based on how he feels Wednesday.

The worst news of the day for the Cardinals pitching staff didn't come on the field. Reliever Carlos Martinez made unfortunate headlines when it was revealed publicly -- via his own social networking page -- that he's an enthusiastic fan of internet pornography.

Apparently Martinez made the unfortunate mistaking of "linking" a whole virtual pile of pornography on his Twitter page.

Martinez is a heckuva young talent. But going back to last year my biggest concern about him has been his level of maturity. He is a big fan of taking oddball selfies and doesn't seem to have any sort of social filter.

I sure hope someone can wise Martinez up before he makes enough off the field mis-steps that the Cardinals no longer find it worth the distraction to the team to put up with his antics. I don't think we've reached that point yet. But the events of Tuesday are defintely at least strike one.