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Lance Lynn whiffs 10 in four shutout innings

I'm glad that the folks who can't stand Lance Lynn don't have direct control over the St. Louis Cardinals' personnel decision making.

Lynn, who despite winning 33 games in his two seasons as a starting pitcher seems to draw more than his fair share of the wrath of Redbirds rooters, gave a great demonstration Thursday of why the local team has kept him around.

He threw four shut-out innings against the Braves in a start that included 10 strikouts, the last eight in a row.

Lynn painted the corners and worked all over the strike zone in his latest start. Blamed for losing focus on occasion, he looked like he had a plan and executed it to perfection.

I think that the tidal wave of strong, young pitchers the Cardinals have brought through the system in the last couple of years have made people forget how young Lance Lynn is. But the guy won't turn 27 until may and only has two seasons as a starter under his belt.

If Lynn seems a little bit pouty sometimes or his body language isn't the best, that doesn't mean he's permanently damaged. The guy's young and still finding his way. But he showed his dedication last year when he lost a bunch of weight to prove he was serious about improving. 

I wish people would give Lynn a chance. Because he's a really key piece to the Cardinals' chances in 2014. He's a guy who is reaching a really nice balance of youth and strength to experience and savvy.