Cheap Seats

We wanted to get back to yesterday after the long and winding road. But I guess we'll have to let it be.

After 18 plus hours on the road, we arrived at Palm Beach, Fla. about  5:30 p.m. Sunday.

The plan, as it always has been, was to drop everything at the hotel and then head straight for one of our favorite hang outs, Abbey Road Raw Bar and Grill.

After getting settled I gave Abbey Road a ring to see if it was crazy crowded. It was 6 p.m. on Saturday night after all. And, because it's NCAA basketball's busy time of year, there were bound to be folks there to watch the games on the big screen.

And then the shock: The number you have called is no longer in service, the recorded message said.

Could it be?

Yep. After further research it was discovered that since we last had Friday fish there in March 2013, Abbey Road has been shut down permanently. And after more than 30 years in business at that.

Maybe the most outstanding feature of Abbey Road, besides some pretty good chicken wings, was its location within a five-minute walk of the St. Louis Cardinals' team hotel. The location led to some of my favorite spring training memories.

I sat at the bar on one occasion many years ago next to Tony La Russa and Jim Leyland and watched the NCAA tournament. We sat at a table one night a few years after that and tried to watch a St. Louis Blues Hockey game that couldn't compete with Al Hrabosky's debate about La Russa's management style with an incredibly drunk Redbirds fan. There seemed to always be somebody from the Cardinals there.

From the stories I was able to scrounge up, it appears the owner recovered from his wounds and that there was even an effort to re-open the establishment. But for whatever reason things didn't work out. It's a shame because, while it wasn't fancy or flashy, Abbey Road was a salt of the earth kind of place. It had a homey, comfortable feel.

I've noticed over the years that we've developed so many favorite eateries and hang outs in the Jupiter area that there aren't enough meals in a vacation to see them all. But Abbey Road will be missed all the same.