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Beltran strikes a blow against Boras

Carlos Beltran may not even play in St. Louis anymore. But he's found a way to further endear himself to Cardinals fans.

On Thursday it was announced that the slugging outfielder soaked villain agent Scott Boras for $1.3 million.

Boras filed a grievance against Beltran because the player fired him. It was the agent's contention that Beltran owed him 5 percent of his recently-completed Cardinals contract because he was terminated early.

Beltran successfully argued that Boras didn't do any of the negotiating of his Cardinals contract so the agent didn't deserve a cut.

It warms my heart a little bit to see a guy who enriches himself by helping to inflate the cost of Major League Baseball games to the point that the the average fan can't afford to go to the ballpark lost an opportunity to enrich himself for doing so.

It seems that Boras, who once struck fear in the hearts of MLB general managers, has lost his sway over them and players as well.