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Braun injures Segura, himself

The Milwaukee Brewers are off to the best start in the National League with a record of 18-6.

But their good fortunes took a turn for the worse Saturday when twice-caught performance enhancing drug cheat Ryan Braun smacked shortstop Jean Segura in the face with a weighted bat before leaving the game later with his own injury.

For some reason Braun thinks it's a good idea to take a few hacks in the dugout before he goes to the plate for the first time. Manager Ron Roenicke oddly permits the dangerous act and made excuses for Braun saying that, essentially, Braun's routine is the most important thing and, if no one gets hurt, well, that's just a bonus.

It will be interesting to see how Milwaukee weathers the loss of two starters.

While they've certainly done their part, the Brewers have had a lot of things fall their way in the first month of the season. First, unlike the St. Louis Cardinals, they have played most of their games at home. They've also played most of their games against losing teams.

Milwaukee is 16-2 against teams that have a losing record so far this season. Against teams that have a winning record, it has a 2-4 mark.

After finishing up Sunday against the hapless Cubs, the Brewers come to St. Louis to play the Cardinals, which ought to give the Redbirds a chance to tighten things up in the early NL Central race.