Cheap Seats

Cardinals running out of excuses, so here are some new ones

The St. Louis Cardinals' latest excuse for poor play -- that the team was victimized by a road-heavy early season schedule -- proved not to wash Monday night when it was humiliated on the Busch Stadium turf by the lowly Chicago Cubs.

Starting pitcher Tyler Lyons was bombed with seven Chicago runs in the first two innings and, although the Redbirds rallied in the middle of the game, they were never able to get within striking distance. The mop up effort got messy with lefty specialist Randy Choate surrendering six earned runs on seven hits over 2/3 of an inning.

It's starting to seem like this team needs a shake-up to improve its questionable attitude. The Cardinals don't have things any rougher than any of the other major league clubs. If they did, they need to look in the mirror because it was the team's request to start the season on the road as much a possible to allow Ballpark Village construction time to be completed.

I'm sure it's tough to arrive home from a road trip at 4 a.m. But it's nice for the players to not have to be at the ballpark until 2-3 p.m. the next day. I guess the players don't think about the fact that people paid hard-earned money to sit in the stands last night to watch them give half an effort Monday night. If they managed to stay until the bitter end -- when infielder Daniel Descalso took the mound to finish the game -- then drove home, got into bed and fell asleep that they had less time to catch some Zs before getting up and heading to eight hours of work than the Cardinals got when they reported to the ball park for three hours of playing a child's game for giant piles of cash.

The current list of Redbirds excuses is wearing thin. So here are some new options the team might want to consider:

• It's too much pressure playing in front of home fans

• Too many night games and the players are afraid of the dark

• Don't want to hit homers because the Busch Stadium fireworks give players a headache

• Players feel guilty about making the playoffs more often than their friends on other teams

• Buddies miss Kolten Wong too much. Can't hit with tears in their eyes.