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Was it really rain that prevented the Cardinals from playing Wednesday?

Apparently the St. Louis Cardinals felt they needed a break and pulled the trigger quickly Wednesday to call off their scheduled game against the Chicago Cubs.

Citing a forecast that called for showers throughout the evening, the Redbirds called off their match-up with the Wee Bears three hours before it was supposed to start.

The forecast for Thursday's day game appears to be worse than the weather Wednesday night.

I'm all for keeping the players safe. But how many times is the weather forecast inaccurate? It seems like quite a gamble to tell 35,000 or more to stay home several hours before game time. Could it be that the Cardinals, who made headlines by complaining about a lack of rest caused by playing ESPN's Sunday night game, before playing extra innings Tuesday didn't want to get involved in a game extended by a lengthy rain delay or two so they opted out as a strategic move.

It reminded me of the 2011 World Series when the Cardinals postponed a potentially rainy game which just so happened to allow ace Chris Carpenter an additional day of rest that allowed him to pitch the deciding game. In this case, maybe the Redbirds were trying to get an extra day off to help players who have been fighting off the flu bug with a night of rest.

It's up to the home team, according to MLB rules, to decide if a game should be delayed or postponed because of weather conditions. But, once the game is underway, it is up to the umpiring crew to decide if the game should be delayed or postponed.

While it did rain Wednesday night, at my house about 15 miles from the ballpark it amounted to nothing more than an annoying drizzle during the time the game was to be played. It never rained hard enough to cause problems with the reception of my satellite dish, if that is an indicator of the severity of the weather. It would have been a unpleasant situation, for sure. But the game probably could have been played.

Now it has been rescheduled as part of an Aug. 30 split doubleheader at Busch Stadium. Season ticket holders were sent an email that advised they were in for tough luck if they couldn't attend the make-up date. No refunds or exchanges would be offered.

I'm content not to have had to sit in the wet and the cold. So I'm not pointing a finger of blame. I just hope that, if the Cardinals were angling for a day off, it helps them to start to play as well as most of us thought they were capable.