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St. Louis Cardinals promote Oscar Taveras to MLB

The St. Louis Cardinals have told top prospect Oscar Taveras that he will be promoted to the major leagues, according to an ESPN report.

Taveras was scratched from the Class AAA Memphis Redbirds game Friday night.

It's curious that the Cardinals chose to promote Taveras now. He's been on fire at the plate for weeks but was passed over to send Randal Grichuk and Joey Butler to the big leagues. In Grichuk's case, he has made the trip to St. Louis twice, earning a promotion in time to play against the San Francisco Giants Friday night.

The Cardinals seemed set to give Grichuk a chance to prove that he was capable of playing regularly in the majors. But before he could get one game under his belt, St. Louis promoted a guy who they've said they wouldn't promote if he wasn't getting to play everyday.

Are they going to start two rookies at the same time and bench both Jon Jay and Peter Bourjos? While there was room to find at bats for one developing player, it seems that by promoting both of them there will be less opportunity for one or both of them.

It's also odd that the Cardinals called up Taveras on the last day of May when, by keeping him in the minors for a few more days, they might have avoided an earlier trip to the arbitration table down the road. Why hold out for so long only to give in just before you reach your goal?

Anyway, what's done is done. I hope that the Cardinals' slugging rookies can hit in the big leagues like they did in Class AAA to give this team an offensive boost.