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Latest rumors about SS Troy Tulowitzki

Despite rumors that Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki may soon be traded, the team's owner continued Monday to deny that his star player is on the block.

Well, sort of...

Dick Monfort told the Denver Post in carefully measured words that "I don't have by plans of doing any of that" when asked if he would trade Tulowitzki. He then said the 29-year-old infielder hasn't asked to be sent somewhere else and he would wait to address the situation until when and if Tulo did ask to be dealt.

Translation: Monfort seems to be laying his groundwork for his future argument that he didn't really go back on his word that Tulowitzki wouldn't be traded. It was never his idea for the shortstop to leave, you see. But the player forced him to do it.

The Tulowitzki trade rumors continued to fly Tuesday although the links between him and the St. Louis Cardinals seemed to fade.

Speculation instead shifted to the idea that Tulowitzki might be dealt to one of the New York Teams. The Yankees, who will be in need of a full-time shortstop next year following the retirement of future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, or the Mets who have been without a premier shortstop since Jose Reyes left as a free agent before the 2012 season.

Meanwhile bloggers dismissed the Cardinals as a suitor. One wrote not only was the alleged offer of pitcher Shelby Miller, slugger Matt Adams and a prospect over the winter not good enough. It also dismissed a suggested trade from writer Ken Rosenthal which would include Allen Craig and closer Trevor Rosenthal as woefully insufficient.

If the Rockies don't like what the Redbirds have to offer, I am left to wonder what they hope to land from the aging, prospect-starved Yankees. And I can't imagine the Redbirds would deal away Rosenthal, anyway, when they don't have a reasonable alternative for a closer on the roster. That would seem to weaken their playoff bid as much as it would help to land more offense. 

Cardinals fans were buzzing Tuesday night at Busch Stadium about the fact that Craig was held out of the starting lineup in St. Louis while slugging outfield prospect Randal Grichuk was benched at Class AAA Memphis, speculating that they would be packaged in an imminent deal.