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Former St. Louis Cardinals OF Allen Craig to miss series with injury

St. Louis Cardinals fans won't get a chance to see former local hero Allen Craig play in the home team's three-game set with the Boston Red Sox.

Craig, who was traded to Boston last week along with popular pitcher Joe Kelly, has been placed on the disabled list because of an ankle injury allegedly suffered while rounding first base in his Red Sox.

What a coincidence that it's the same ankle that Craig injured late last season, you know, right before a career .306 hitter suddenly forgot how to hit.

Although Craig somehow managed to make the most of his at bats during the 2013 post season when he could barely run, I have long been suspicious that lingering effects of the previous injury are to blame for Craig's struggles in 2014. 

All season long Craig has had an unstable base in the batter's box, dancing around with his feet. The inability to push off could easily explain his inability to turn on balls and his stunning loss or power -- not just to hit home runs but to drive balls to the outfield gaps.

According to an NBC report, The Red Sox are trying to determine if this injury is related to the one from last year. If so, I don't know if that changes the dynamic of the trade or if they'll seek some sort of compensation from the Cardinals. But that seems unlikely. That's why teams have physicals for players before trades or signings become official. If they opted not to do so, then that's their fault.

I still think the Redbirds gave up on Craig to soon. While John Lackey was a nice addition to the starting rotation, St. Louis could regret the loss of Craig's clutch bat for years.