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St. Louis Cardinals sinking fast vs. Baltimore

It's difficult to think of positive things to see after the beating the St. Louis Cardinals took for the second day in a row at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles.

So let me start off by saying how thankful I am that, when I had the opportunity to visit Oriole Park at Camden Yards for the first time this summer that I chose to go in June when Baltimore played the Athletics as opposed to this weekend when they were pitted against St. Louis.

I had a good time checking out that gem of a ballpark without having the pressure of having the team I care about fighting for its life in front of hostile crowd. At least that's what I told myself at the time.

It turns out that the Redbirds don't seem to have any fight in them at all. And I would have been in a major snit if I drove half way across the country to see such a beat down. At least when I'm at home I can change the channel.

The Cardinals have been served an absolute butt whipping at the hands of the home team, losing the first two games of the three-game set by an embarrassing 22-5 margin. They haven't pitched, hit or fielded with a darn. And, by the way they've gone through the motions, I'm not sure they even care if they win or lose. They, frankly, look like a last place club.

Baltimore has a good team. But I thought St. Louis was supposed to be a World Series contender, too. It sure doesn't seem like the clubs are playing at a similar level.

To add insult to injury, the Orioles have pounded the two trade deadline trade acquisitions that were supposed to put the Redbirds over the top. Justin Masterson was struggling even before the Cardinals picked him up. But Saturday starter John Lackey has historically been an Orioles killer. And he was beaten around like a pinata. I'm not looking forward to Sunday when the Birds from St. Louis face their former nemesis Bud Norris.