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St. Louis Cardinals fans seem down about the NLCS

I'm not sure if we St. Louis Cardinals fans are just so spoiled by their team's recent success that we find it difficult to get excited by anything short of the World Series. Or maybe it's the turmoil in the community that has folks' minds on other things.

But the level of intensity just doesn't seem to be quite as high this year as it has during previous post seasons at Busch Stadium.

I'm not saying people are sitting on their hands in the seats at the Redbirds' home ballpark. But the live and die atmosphere typical of this type of series isn't quite at the level it usually reaches in St. Louis.

Who could blame Cardinals fans, with four consecutive NLCS appearances under their belts along with two World Series appearances and one championship since 2011, if they felt like they've been there, done than and got the t-shirt?

Maybe I'm sensing a letdown after a very contentious series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. I think a lot of St. Louis fans don't like the Dodgers players and the hype they bring with them. The Cardinals were disrespected the entire NLDS up to the point that the Fox broadcast crew expressed remorse that they beat the allegedly more deserving Dodgers and their ace, Clayton Kershaw.

The Giants don't really have the loud-mouthed villains Los Angeles has. So, maybe, this series is just too friendly.

Last year during the NLCS the Cardinals showed a lot of highlight videos from previous playoff games that riled up the audience. This season that sort of thing has been absent.

Either way, I just hope the lack of intensity is limited to the seats and not the St. Louis dugout. Maybe if the Redbirds win Sunday it will get St. Louis fans back up on their horse.