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Peavy a Cardinal in 2015? I can't see it happening

According to a report out of northern California, San Francisco Giants hurler Jake Peavy is a likely candidate to end up with the St. Louis Cardinals for the 2015 season.

The story on quotes Peavy as saying he was sure that he was going to get traded to the Redbirds in July when rumors were rampant that St. Louis and the Red Sox were working on a deal.

Instead, the Cardinals ended up with John Lackey and Boston made a trade that sent Peavy to the Giants on a fateful course to face St. Louis in the National League Championship Series.

In the story, Peavy said he would love to pitch for the Redbirds, citing the club's winning record as the main source of attraction. Peavy added that he also thought St. Louis was going to make a trade for him in 2013 when he was a member of the Chicago White Sox.

The history of near misses and Peavy's affection for St. Louis inspired the author of the piece to speculate that, when the righthanded hurler hits the free agent market this off season, he'll chose to tie himself to the Redbirds.

It makes a lot of sense on the surface. But here are a few reasons I don't think that will happen:

1) Adam Wainwright

2) Lance Lynn

3) John Lackey

4) Shelby Miller

5) Michael Wacha

6) Marco Gozales

7) Tyler Lyons

8) Carlos Martinez

9) Trevor Rosenthal (who every spring insists he wants to be a starting pitcher and, after the way he's pitched this year, might get a chance to try a chance of role.)

10) Jaime Garcia is still under contract, like it or not, and, if he can pitch, he's making too much money (and he's too left handed) just to be thrown on the scrap heap.

The Birds don't seem to have any room to add a starting pitcher -- even for depth purposes.

The Cardinals would have to pull off some sort of major trade to create room for Peavy on the depth chart. And it would be a huge risk to trade young, inexpensive talent for a 34-year-old pitcher with an injury history as long as his right arm. Let's not forget that, before he was traded this season, he was 1-9 with a 4.72 ERA for the Red Sox.

I'm not saying that Peavy is done or that he isn't useful. I just think it's a big risk to give up on up and coming talent to invest in a guy in the twilight of his career. Now, if Peavy was willing to accept a bullpen/insurance role, that might be a different story. He'd also be intriguing if he was interested in a conversion to a closer or set-up role. But I doubt he'd be open to that.

The only way I see the Birds signing Peavy is if they trade two starters to another club for a right handed bat -- and John Lackey decides to go back on his word and hold out or retire as opposed to playing for the $500,000 team option in his current contract.

My Cardinals dreams still involve Max Scherzer offering to play for his home team at a discounted rate that makes it impossible to pass on teaming him with Adam Wainwright in Chris Carpenter's former role as co-ace. That dream is just a little farther to the west in Fantasyland than the thought of the Redbirds signing Peavy.