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Minnesota to hire St.Louis Cardinals 1982 World Series foe Paul Molitor as new skipper

The Minnesota Twins will follow the Mike Matheny Model, hiring their new skipper despite the fact that he has no managerial experience at any professional level.

Of course the Twins' new leader, Paul Molitor, has several years under his belt as a major league coach. Matheny didn't have any experience as a professional coach when the St. Louis Cardinals hired him three years ago.

I don't know what sort of manager Molitor will be. But I remember being terrorized by him when he was with the Milwaukee Brewers early in his career.

When the Cardinals met the Brew Crew in the 1982 World Series, Molitor seemed to be the guy who was always coming up at the worst time for St. Louis.

He hit .355 against the Redbirds including a monster Game 1 in which he collected five hits in six trips to the plate. It seemed like if Molitor had anything to say about it that the 1982 Fall Classic would have been over nearly as quickly as it started.

For a long time it seemed like bench players were the guys who got all the managerial positions. But these days clubs are hiring well known, starting-type players if not all stars and Hall of Famers.

That strike me as mildly odd when there is so much emphasis these days on developing home grown players. Sometimes guys who were superstars don't make the best teachers because they don't understand why everybody else isn't as naturally great as they were.