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Torre: Things are going to change for instant replay

Joe Torre, former St. Louis Cardinals manager and now MLB's vice president of baseball operations, says that his main goal for the off-season is to eliminate some of the un-necessary boredom from the instant replay system.

Although he hasn't specified how he'll get rid of it, Torre told the New York post he wants to get rid of the stalling tactic managers employ when they mosey out onto the field to chit chat with the umpires while awaiting word from a video crew about whether they should challenge a call.

Regardless of if the manager comes out of the dugout, I don't see how they can shave any time off the process. One way or another, someone has to look at the replays and that's going to take time. 

Baseball needs to do something to limit how many times managers can delay the game by considering, asking for or demanding replays. In other sports, coaches don't get a chance to review multiple replays. What's the point of looking at them anyway? Half the time (or more) when teams watch them multiple times before deciding to go ahead and challenge, their conclusion isn't shared by the review crew.

I wish, if MLB insists on keeping replay, that they stick by the concept that each manager is allowed ONE challenge per game. It's the only way to realistically cut down the time wasted -- and the momentum halting -- caused by multiple trips to onto the field by the managers.