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Rumor Mill: Yankees make big offer to Scherzer

Rumors out of New York speculate that the Yankees are indeed in on starting pitcher Max Scherzer, offering a six-year contract.

There is some disagreement about whether the contract has already been presented or if the offer is being polished.

But, either way, if those reports are true, it seems that the bidding will get into the stratosphere right out of the gate for the Detroit Tigers free agent.

I'd still love to see the St. Louis Cardinals add a front end pitcher because they're vulnerable in that department with Adam Wainwright recovering from off-season surgery. The Redbirds have played it cool, confident if Wainwright or another pitcher goes down, he could be replaced with a later acquisition.

Sure, you can get a pitcher. But can they get a stopper who could pitch the first game of a playoff series? Is it a bigger waste of resources to pass out a nine-figure contract to a Cy Young Award winner or to give up one of the franchise's top 10 prospects for nine crummy starts from a damaged hurler?

The Cardinals' have done their part by buying 3.5 million tickets last season. It would be nice if the team invested some of that revenue into trying to improve the product on the field. The Birds drew more than a million fans more than the Pittsburgh Pirates, yet the payroll gap between those clubs continues to shrink.