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Rumor Mill: Peter Bourjos

The Miami Marlins, one of the most active teams this off-season, apparently aren't done with their winter shopping just yet.

According to Fox Sports, Miami still has the acquisition of a fourth outfielder at the top of its wish list. And one of the players they're considering is St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Peter Bourjos.

Of course, Bourjos had a rough season in 2014. That's what makes Miami perceive him at gettable. But it's also a factor that diminishes Bourjos' trade value. Still, because of his age and the way he rebounded later last season, there is reason to hope that the relatively young player still has his best days ahead of him.

Obviously, a decision on whether the Cardinals should make a trade with the Marlins depends on what Miami potentially would offer. But it also depends on what the Redbirds' long term plans are for not only Bourjos -- but also Jason Heyward, Jon Jay and Randal Grichuk.

If the Cardinals were able to sign Heyward to a multi-year deal, it would greatly limit  the upside of Bourjos in St. Louis. Meanwhile, Grichuk could probably be a decent fourth outfielder. Those circumstances would likely make Bourjos more valuable in trade than as a part of the Redbirds roster.

If St. Louis can't sign Heyward and Jon Jay has a bad year, Bourjos might still have a chance to eventually become a starter in St. Louis and he might be too valuable to trade. I don't know if the Cardinals view Grichuk as a potential everyday starter in center.

Another reason the Birds might want to hang on to Bourjos could be if they are considering Grichuk as part of a trade to land a frontline player. St. Louis doesn't have the prospect depth it once did when Oscar Taveras and Shelby Miller were still in the picture. So if they were to try to trade for a big name player -- like Philadelphia hurler Cole Hamels -- they might need to include Grichuk as part of a bigger package.

In that case, they'd need Bourjos as a reserve player.