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Orioles still thinking about Rasmus

The Baltimore Orioles remain sort of interested in former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus, according to reports.

The club is looking for a replacement for departed fly chasers Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis. They may be willing to offer Rasmus a one-year contract worth $5-8 million, according to the Mid Atlantic Sports network.

The Orioles definitely need an outfield bat. But MASN said they remain too skeptical of Rasmus' negative reputation to offer a multi-year deal. Rasmus made $7 million last year in Toronto so, if he is signed to the lower end of the proposed range, he's have to take a pay cut.

Some Orioles front office types think Rasmus has a swing that would benefit from playing in Baltimore's Oriole Park at Camden Yards. They're also apparently hopeful that it would light a fire under Rasmus if he was forced to play on a one-year contract.

Of course, nothing tried by his previous two organizations has stirred the slightest sense of urgency in Rasmus. He was run out of St. Louis for his whiny nature and disinterested play. Toronto was supposed to be a breath of fresh air for Rasmus. But he quickly fell into disfavor with coaches there, too, refusing to respond to instruction and telling the media that he'd rather be left alone so he could have fun playing baseball as opposed to trying to reach his alleged superstar potential.

A .259 hitter with a .444 slugging percentage in St. Louis, Rasmus' numbers regressed in Toronto to .234 and .433. His on-base percentage sagged from .334 to .295.