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The NFL playoffs only make me miss the baseball season more

Despite the allegation by some that the National Football League is somehow more exciting than Major League Baseball, I find that the leaders of the NFL have just about legislated all the fun out of their sport.

It seemed this weekend that football playoff games were determined as much by random calls by the officials than they were by the players. Touchdowns were called back and first downs wiped out because phantom offensive pass interference and alleged holding. Third down stops and pass defenses were erased by defensive holding and arbitrary running into the punter calls.

Where is the fun in that?

At least in baseball games I've never seen a dramatic home run taken away by a ticky-tack call.

I wish baseball would take a step back from it's NFL-esque instant replay system and it's silly rule about collisions at the plate.

Games are supposed to be decided in the moment by the athletes. Not by unseen replay officials or referees with so many rules to check up on that they can't remember them all. It was former St. Louis Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog who said he was glad umpires only had two choices: Safe or out. Any more options only invites trouble.

Let them play.