Cheap Seats

Enough, already. Would Scherzer please just sign somewhere?

Max Scherzer, would you please sign somewhere?


I am tired of the cat and mouse, the competition between general managers to see who can seem the most indifferent and the speculation of everyone else to try to figure out what the supposedly most desirable free agent on the market this off-season is going to do.

The sooner the St. Louis Cardinals get their roster set, the sooner we can realistically start to think about spring training and the 2015 season. 

Granted, I'll be pumped about the Redbirds' possibilities, if Scherzer or one of the other rumored potential co-aces is wearing the Birds on the Bat in Jupiter five weeks from now. But I am tired of hoping for a way things can work out when I don't even know if the Cardinals are really trying to add some front of the rotation help.

It was an emotional roller coaster a few years back when Matt Holliday was being courted by St. Louis. One day the rumor mills said Holliday was going to sign with the Mets, the next he was going to sign with the Redbirds and the day after that he was going to take a pillow contract with the Yankees.

In the end, we find out that it was Holliday's intention to play here all along and we were all just pawns in the game of Scott Boras trying to wring another $10-$20 million out of the St. Louis faithful.

So I would be happy if we can just get past all the ugly financial dealing and get to talking about what happens between the white lines.