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Mark Mulder wants to try to make another comeback

According to reports, former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Mark Mulder hasn't given up on the idea of making a comeback.

Mulder seemed as if he was going to make the major league roster of the Anaheim Angels last spring before a ruptured tendon ended his season before it started. The Halos have moved on. But Mulder, now 37, apparently, still thinks he has something to offer and is looking for the right opportunity.

He hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2008 when he gave up on trying to recover from shoulder injuries that wouldn't allow him to pitch with the mechanics to which he was accustomed. And, even then, Mulder only managed an inning and two-thirds pitched. The lefty last pitched effectively a decade ago in 2005 when he was 16-8 for St. Louis with a 3.64 ERA.

Mulder said last year that he discovered a new delivery that allowed him to pitch around his limitations.

While I wish Mulder the best, I hope he isn't the mystery pitcher the Redbirds are supposedly going to sign this winter.