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Reports are positive so far about Jaime Garcia

Channel 5 sports reporter Frank Cusamano said Monday that Jaime Garcia not only looks like he's in the best condition he's been in for years.

He called the St. Louis lefty "a man possessed" to prove that he's past shoulder issues that have landed him repeatedly on the disabled list over the past several seasons are in his rear view mirror.

I'm still not going to believe it until I see Garcia on the mound, pitching well is a meaningful game. And, even then, I will probably hold my breath every time the fragile starting pitcher delivers a ball to home plate.

But if Garcia is physically sound, he's got some of the best "stuff" among Cardinals hurlers and he'd be a big boost to the St. Louis pitching staff.

I'd love to see the Redbirds finally get some value out of the contract the club gave Garcia in 2011 just before his injury woes began. He's scheduled to get $9.5 in 2015 and has an option for 2016 and 2017 at $11.5 million and $12 milllion respectively. He has a $500,000 buyout if the 2016 option isn't picked up.

Although the contract hasn't panned out, it sure seemed like a good idea at the time to lock up a promising southpaw with filthy breaking pitches.

Although it seems like he's been around forever, Garcia isn't going to be 29 until late in the season. Because of that, his left-handedness and the fact that his services could be controlled for two more seasons, Garcia could have some trade value if he proves he's 100 percent.