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Cardinals, Martinez start Grapefruit League play with 4-1 win

The Grapefruit League season is only one day old, so it's way too early to make any big conclusions about players.

But, that being said, I was taken aback by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez. He doesn't even look like the same guy that wore number 44 for the Redbirds at the end of the 2014 playoffs.

Carlos appears to be much more muscular and solid than he was last year. His face looks more mature, too. He seems like he has a more commanding presence and he at least looks more durable.

Even with opposing hitters far from reaching a groove or comfort level, Martinez seemed dominant. He hurled two frames and allowed no hits, walks or runs while he struck out three. 

I'm excited about the prospect of him adding some maturity and consistency to his smoking fastball and his wicked breaking pitches. In the past he shown the ability to be great in short bursts. If he can learn to reign in his emotions and not let the wheels fall off at the first sign of trouble, he could really turn out to be a find.