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Lester finally throws to first -- and comedy breaks out at Wrigley Field

Much has been made about $155-million Chicago Cubs hurler Jon Lester's streak of not attempting to pick-off or hold a runner at first base.

So Lester attempted to put all the hubbub to rest Monday night against the Cincinnati Reds when he threw over with a runner on.

How did it go? Well, the good news for Lester is that an out was recorded on the play. The bad news is that it happened after right fielder Jorge Soler retrieved the ball near the visitors bullpen and pegged the greedy Reds runner by 10 feet as he tried to go all the way from first to third on the errant throw.

At this point I'm guessing the Lester 500 is officially on with runners taking liberties against him until he can get this situation under control.

The St. Louis Cardinals, not known lately as a base-stealing team, took huge leads against the Chicago southpaw in the season opener and dared Lester to attempt to make a play. He never even tried.

It seems he's been exposed at this point. And the result has carried over to other aspects of his game. Lester gave up 10 hits and six earned runs against Cincinnati and has a 7.84 ERA through two games.

Have the Cubs stopped pre-printing World Series tickets yet? 

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