Why that Demarcus Robinson TD catch for Chiefs was even more impressive than it seemed

The football sailed too far for Chiefs wide receiver Demarcus Robinson to use both hands. And at that point, instinct took over.

Deep into the end zone in Sunday’s second quarter, Robinson surged backward into the air with only his right hand extended, brought the ball into his body and tapped a pair of feet onto the yellow-painted grass.


One week after his breakout game in Oakland, Robinson followed with a highlight-reel catch in the Chiefs’ 33-28 win.

“It was a little bit out of reach for me to go with two hands,” Robinson said. “It was kind of natural. I didn’t really think about it at the time. I was just playing football, and it stuck to my hands.”

An abrupt inclination drove the catch.

Considerable thought preceded it.

As his route reached 15 yards downfield, Robinson spotted quarterback Patrick Mahomes rearing back to throw the ball his way. One problem: Robinson had not yet shaken loose cornerback Brandon Carr.

So even after the ball had already been lofted into the air, Robinson made one more quick move on Carr, juking toward the middle of the field before jetting toward the sideline. Carr, a former Chief, had yet to take a peek into the backfield to see if Mahomes had thrown the ball, his eyes instead fixated on Robinson.

And he got beat. The late move created the desired separation. Robinson arrived to the pass — even if it allowed him only one hand.

“I was trying to get him to flip his hips,” Robinson said. “I saw (Mahomes) throwing it, but I still wanted him to flip his hips the opposite way. It was taking him a long time. At one point, I saw the ball in the air, and boom, that’s when I gotta get out of my route. It was just in time.”

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