Ex-Patriots linebacker: Patrick Mahomes’ injury has made Chiefs even more dangerous

Could the injury to quarterback Patrick Mahomes prove beneficial to the Chiefs in the long run?

ESPN’s Tedy Bruschi believes that’s the case. He was a guest Wednesday on the “Ordway, Merloni & Fauria” show on WEEI in Boston, and was asked which AFC team is the biggest threat to the Patriots.

Bruschi, who played for the Patriots from 1996-2008 and won three Super Bowls, mentioned how the victory over the Vikings without Mahomes was good for the Chiefs and made them stronger.

“The easy answer is Baltimore based on what you saw (Sunday night), but I’ll talk about Kansas City based on what they have been through now,” Bruschi said. “Because what I thought when Patrick Mahomes went down was, since it’s still early but this may just be what the Chiefs need because they need to learn to win football games and have confidence in the other units in terms of, ‘Yeah, we don’t need the quarterback. We’ve got a unit defensively that can still make plays.’

“And for them to get that victory last week (against the Vikings), that confidence boost for that defensive front and the special teams and the running game knowing they can get a victory without that all-world quarterback makes them that much even better of a team.

“If you understand what I am trying to say because now it is like, ‘We don’t need that 30 points that Patrick Mahomes can generate because we know we can stop people and still make plays to win without him.’ Just that type of mentality when you have it, you become a better team, a better team to win championships because now you’re not just looking at a quarterback to carry you the whole way. It’s definitely for me, it’s going to be a Kansas City-Baltimore type of thing.”

The conversation starts at the 13:25 mark below and if that doesn’t play, click here.

That’s an interesting theory, and one Chiefs fans hope proves to be true in January.

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