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Morning Glories 4-H

The Morning Glories 4-H club is inviting anyone from ages 8-18 to come join the fun. If interested, email for information.

Alhambra Care Center

Residents at Alhambra Care have enjoyed being outside on these cooler days and to make it even better they had some special visitors. Joe Toenyes brought a couple of donkeys to visit.

It is always a treat when visitors come by, but it makes it an extra special treat when the visit includes animals to pet or a visit with young children.

Free Flu Shots

Register now for your free Flu Shot being offered by the Alhambra Township Board. The shots will be given on Oct. 8 from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Township Park in the Firemen’s Hall.

Mobile Flu shots will be available to any senior citizens or disabled persons. Anyone with difficulty getting around may drive up to the Firemen’s Hall and a nurse will come out to the parking lot to administer the vaccination.

To register for your free flu shot, call Freddie at 618-488-7603 or pick up a vaccination form in advance at AG Telephone Co. or National Bank. Tell Freddie when registering if mobile shots are needed.

Trick or Treat Hours

The Village of Alhambra has set the hours for Trick or Treating to be Wednesday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 9 p.m. Any who want participate in Halloween trick or treater’s are asked to turn on their outside lights.

School News

Alhambra Primary students are selling Cheryvale products and on Sept. 21 will be selling Caramel Apples. On Sept. 25 there will be a fundraiser at Domino’s Pizza in Highland. These fundraisers help to pay for parties and school trips, computer programs and books.

The next PTO meeting will be Sept. 20, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at Grantfork School.

Special Occasions


Happy anniversary to these happy couples.

Sept. 21: Greg and Stacy Levin and Justin and Jessie Stumpf

Sept. 24: William and Melissa Glassmaker-Becker

Birthdays: Happy birthday everyone.

Sept. 18: Jason Beaver, Tara Schuster and Johnna Ernst

Sept. 19: Wilma Blom and Olin Zweck

Sept. 20: Winnie Schoen, Lee Stille, Eric Price, Marianne Long and Addison Korsemeyer

Sept. 21: Pat Hinton, Klarann Voegele, Dakota Reckman, Alissa Korsemeyer and Lia Braundmeier

Sept. 22: Kade Michelar, Vivian Meyer, Jenna Conrad, Craig Wright and Gavin Stewart

Sept. 23: Terry Henschen

Sept. 24: Ed Craft, Terry Hosto, Tina Koch, Chris Uhe, Syler Hogg, Reese Bolen, Averi Henschen

Sept. 25: Sabrina Linenfelser, Mike Whitworth and Stephanie Monroe