About Belleville News Democrat

120 So. Illinois
Belleville, IL 62220

The Paper

Vision: The Belleville News-Democrat is strongly committed to our responsibility as southwestern Illinois’ most compelling and trustworthy information source, through our newspaper, other print products and website.

Founded: 1858. In 1883, the Weekly Democrat merged with the Belleville News to become the Belleville News-Democrat. Since its founding, the newspaper has had a succession of owners. It was a family-owned newspaper from 1891 to 1972, until its purchase by Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. Knight Ridder acquired the newspaper in 1997. McClatchy acquired the newspaper in 2006 with its purchase of Knight Ridder.

Key Executives

Jeffry Couch, General Manager and Editor 618-239-2551

Dawn Peil, Human Resources Director 618-239-2529

Distinction: The leading newspaper and online site in Southern Illinois

Market: The second-largest metropolitan area in Illinois, the metro-east is a bustling, fast growing, diverse region just outside St. Louis, Mo. The News-Democrat is the leading daily newspaper in Southwestern Illinois.

Circulation Area: Eight Illinois counties; delivery is primarily St. Clair (population 266,300) and southern Madison counties.

Site: The News-Democrat’s main office is located in downtown Belleville and houses the editorial, advertising, audience and administration staff. The printing facility is less than 2 miles away. The Belleville Weekly Group consists of five weekly publications. Printing is done at the central printing facility in Belleville.

Readership: 102,300 daily; 133,300 Sunday

Circulation: 33,000 daily (M-F); 43,000 Sunday (Source: 4th Quarter 2015, AAM Quarterly Data Report)


Average Monthly Page Views/Unique Visitors:

• 5.8 million page views

• 740,000 unique visitors

Location: The News-Democrat publishes in the metro-east area of the St. Louis metropolitan area, serving most of southwestern Illinois.