Fireworks are illegal in Illinois. No, really

Illinois is one of four states that ban exploding fireworks, but police generally ignore offenders. In southern Illinois near St. Louis, MO, many people drive to buy firecrackers and bottle rockets. Legalize them, and keep the money in Illinois. News opinion


Trump’s blunt me$$age to NATO

When it comes to international diplomacy, President Donald Trump is no milquetoast mumbler. He can be undiplomatically blunt, even rude, but that doesn’t automatically mean he’s wrong. Take, for instance, the longstanding dispute between the United States and its NATO allies over how much everyone contributes to the collective defense of Europe.

Double-fatal crash on Illinois 15 in Belleville

The two vehicles involved in Saturday's double-fatal, head-on collision: a 2009 GMC Sierra pickup which crashed into the 2017 Kia Forte, killing both men in the car.