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Justice served to joy-riding teens

It was a Saturday night in September 1918 when six Belleville boys drifted into O’Fallon in a touring car.

They cruised down State St. at 30 miles per hour around 11 p.m., yelling along the way until they got to Lincoln Ave. At that point, the obviously drunk teenage joyriders decided to fill up with more alcohol. But not before they attracted the attention of two “officers of the law.”

As they tried to skip town, the officers climbed on the car’s running boards, one on each side. Speeding up, the boys tried to shake them off. However, sturdy hands reached into the car forcing the boys to stop and “beg for mercy.”

They were soon hauled before O’Fallon Justice of the Peace James Asbury who convened court at the midnight hour just for them. Convicted of peace disturbance, reckless driving and resisting arrest, they were fined $21.

75 years ago, Sept. 23, 1943.

One organization that is continuously busy in looking after the needs of the men of the armed forces is the O’Fallon Service Men’s Mothers’ Club. In addition to numerous activities in the past the members are engaged in the making of afghans for hospitalized men, a number of which have been forwarded from time to time to navy and other hospitals. Ten have just been completed and are now ready for shipment. The members sew afghans every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m..

50 years ago, Sept. 26, 1968.

A discussion of the possibility of forming a unit school district of the feeder schools into the O’Fallon Township High School was held last week at a meeting of the four schools involved. The meeting was held in the High School library and was exploratory with a further meeting to be held next month. However, one district represented and included in tentative plans, Central Dist. 104, reported it was not interested “within the immediate future.”