Trivia: Are you game to help Beacon Ministries?

What do you call the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found?
What do you call the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found? Chicago Tribune

It seemed only fitting that one of the most popular metro-east games — trivia — would focus on the games people play when Beacon Ministries recently held its annual trivia night at St. Augustine of Canterbury in Belleville.

What women’s college basketball team has won the most national championships (Connecticut, 10), what color is the 6-ball in billiards (green) and how many dice do you use in Yahtzee (five) helped get contestants in the mood for, among others, categories on the 1990s, Elvis and lines from famous love songs.

Now 18 years old, Belleville Ecumenical Area Caring for Our Neighbors brings together members from dozens of area churches to help those in need. In 2013, it devoted more than 2,800 volunteer hours helping 2,700 area families to the tune of nearly $250,000 in goods and services. If you’d like to help, send a check to Beacon, P.O. Box 23468, Belleville, IL, or go to The group also seeks donations of furniture, appliances and bedding. For more information, call 222-8942; if you need help, call 222-8824.

Now, as Shakespeare might have said, if trivia be the food of love, play on:

1. Name this movie: a 1950 film noir flick with William Holden, Gloria Swanson and Eric Von Stroheim.

2. In the game of Clue, what room is connected to the conservatory by a secret passageway?

3. Starts with Q: It’s an edible American clam — or the fictional Rhode Island home of the Griffin family in “Family Guy.”

4. Which chain department store first opened in Garden City, Mich., in 1962?

5. What was the first national TV show that Elvis appeared on?

6. In 1923, Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as the nation’s 30th president after whose death?

7. Which artist is often credited as recording the first No. 1 rap single?

8. In 1990, the most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex was found in South Dakota. What was it named?

9. Name this movie: a 2000 romantic drama with Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, Alfred Molina and Judi Dench.

10. Who is honored annually with the Eddie Gottlieb Trophy?

11. Name the British rock band formed in 1956 with John Lennon that eventually evolved into the Beatles.

12. From what European country did Burundi gain its independence in 1962?

13. Selective Service gave Elvis a two-month deferment to complete what film in 1958?

14. What group became a one-hit wonder in the 1990s with the song “Lovefool”?

15. The first bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner was sold in 1993 by what company?

16. Name this movie: a 1995 drama with Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris and Bill Paxton.

17. Name the Chinese game with 144 tiles that feature Chinese characters and symbols.

18. Starts with Q: Name the Middle East state bordered by Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf.

19. What was Elvis Presley’s first gold record?

20. Name the two best friends who came together to write the Oscar-winning movie “Good Will Hunting.”


1. Swanson enjoyed more than a few closeups in “Sunset Boulevard”

2. The lounge

3. Quahog, from a Narragansett word

4. It was a happy day for the “Rain Man” when Kmart opened.

5. No, it wasn’t Ed Sullivan’s “really big shew.” On Jan. 28, 1956, Elvis made the first of six appearances in a two-month period on CBS’ “Stage Show.”

6. Warren Harding died suddenly on Aug. 2, 1923, probably of congestive heart failure.

7. Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” is usually said to be the first rap song to top the Billboard charts.

8. My name is Sue, how do you do?

9. “Chocolat”

10. The NBA rookie of the year. Winners have included Wilt Chamberlain (1960), Michael Jordan (1985) and LeBron James (2004).

11. The Quarrymen

12. Belgium

13. Elvis received his draft notice on Dec. 20, 1957, but received a deferment a week later to shoot “King Creole” from Jan. 20 to March 12, 1958.

14 “Lovefool” (1997) was the only song to crack the top 10 in the United States for the Cardigans.

15. That’s when Dyson started to clean up.

16. Houston, we had no problem watching “Apollo 13.”

17. It was Estelle Costanza’s favorite game on “Seinfeld”: mahjong.

18. Qatar. (One pronunciation sorta rhymes with “guitar” if you’re ever writing a poem.)

19. Released Jan. 27, 1956, “Heartbreak Hotel” hit No. 1 on April 21 and stayed there for eight weeks.

20. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won an Oscar in 1998 for best original screenplay.

Compiled by Roger Schlueter