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Recipe of the Day: Ravioli-stuffed sliders

Ravioli-Stuffed Sliders
Ravioli-Stuffed Sliders


10 cheese-filled ravioli

1 1/4 pound ground beef

10 mini buns

10 slices American cheese

1 large jar favorite red pasta sauce

Boil your ravioli according to package instructions.

To make the burgers, grab a handful of beef and press it onto a plate until very thin.

Put one of the ravioli on the beef and wrap the beef around it. Try and press out any air but be gentle and careful not to break the ravioli. There will be rips, but just work to fill them in and remove any excess beef from the sides of the burger. Don't worry about getting it perfect.

Grill the burgers until browned and cooked through. Top with cheese and serve on a bun with some of the sauce. Makes 10 servings.