Helping Others

Collinsville Area Minsterial Association

Collinsville Area Minsterial Association's Collinsville Food Pantry Christmas Food and Toys supplies gifts to more than 375 children from infancy to age 15. It also composes Christmas baskets for 200 families in the Collinsville area.

How to help

Donate new, unwrapped gifts that cost between $15-$25. For Christmas baskets, donate: turkey, ham or whole chickens; boxed dressing; canned corn and cranberry sauce; 5 pound bags of potatoes; gallons of milk; dozens of eggs; loaves of bread; bagged fruit, like apples, oranges, pears, etc.; popcorn.

Contact information

Donations can be dropped off prior to Dec. 14 at the food pantry, 201 E. Church St. in Collinsville. For more information, call 618-346-1861.