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Biederman’s Furniture was in Belleville for 88 years

Q: Recently I read in the BND about an area furniture store reopening in O’Fallon under a new name. That got me to thinking about a furniture store my dad managed for Biederman’s in west Belleville, I think. Where was it?

Jack Spengel

A: Sounds like you’re thinking of the Biederman’s in the strip mall at 4519 W. Main St., which, according to city directories, popped up in about 1961 and continued until 1974.

It started as a small St. Louis shop in 1886 but expanded in the 1950s throughout the bistate region, including stores in Centralia and Alton. In April 1974, it ran ads saying, “We’re here to stay and we’re going to prove to you that Biederman’s is the place to save on all your home-furnishing needs!” But just six months later, customers found this notice: “After 88 years of faithful service ... GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!”

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