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Here’s what the monsters are saying on those Spectrum ads

Q: I have a couple of questions about those Spectrum “monster” ads that call satellite and phone-internet systems “evil.” First, what does Gary, the dummy, say after he is told to leave the house? Second, when they’re playing charades during the power outage, what is it that the mummy is guessing as the Grim Reaper is wildly gesticulating? It sounds like he is saying “rum come,” but I am sure that’s not it.

Ms. Frankie R Keefe, of Wells, Maine

A: Those monster ads are Something Different, aren’t they?

No, really, it was 2016 when Tommy Henvey and Patti McConnell launched their Brooklyn-based creative marketing agency Something Different as “an alternative to traditional advertising agencies whose rigid structures can slow the creative process and get in the way of work.” Just a year later they debuted the first in perhaps my most favorite recent ad series.

“We all just laughed at the idea of these evil people thinking someone else was horrible,” Henvey said in a statement to “It gave us a way to make our point that felt a little more unusual.”

Now to your questions: After Gary is ordered out of the house for hogging bandwidth while overstaying his welcome, his human girlfriend, Cheryl, piles on by hastily logging off their chat site. Perhaps trying to keep the romance alive in his own mind, he yells “See you in my dreams!” at his blank screen.

As for the charades game, the mummy, usually known for instilling terror in his victims, wants everyone to know he has a softer, gentler side by saying he loves “rom-coms.” That’s film slang for the movie genre known as romantic comedies.

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