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These two St. Louis siblings are looking for a loving family

Siblings Karissa, 14, and Donovon, 11, need help from the community.
Siblings Karissa, 14, and Donovon, 11, need help from the community.

The Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition of St. Louis is seeking a family for Karissa, 14, and Donovon, 11.

There is a need for families that can open their home for siblings like Karissa and Donovon, according to Holly Kieu, a foster and adoptive home recruiter for the coalition.

“Sibling relationships are an important part of an individual’s life. For children from neglectful or abusive homes, those relationships can take on an even bigger role. They can provide each other mutual support and trust through those adverse situations,” said Kieu.

Being removed from their parents and placed in an unfamiliar home can be difficult. Keeping siblings together can help improve a child’s sense of safety.

“It is traumatic for a child to be removed from their parents and placed in an unfamiliar environment. When the children are placed with their siblings, it can help mitigate the trauma. It provides them comfort by keeping a consistent, supportive person in their life and helps them feel a better sense of belonging,” said Kieu.

Karissa and Donovon have a close bond, so it is essential that they find an adoptive family who will commit to both of them, Kieu says.

Karissa is smart and articulate but can be hesitant with people she doesn’t know well. Once she gets to know someone, she will open up for conversations.

She loves to draw, read and enjoys going to church. She has fun playing volleyball at her church. Someday, Karissa would like to be a cheerleader. She is comfortable with younger children and enjoys helping out with them. Karissa also enjoys playing the trombone and is musically inclined.

Donovon is a joy to be around, says Kieu. Like his sister, he can be reserved at first. He loves electronics and playing “Minecraft.”

Donovan also enjoys playing with Legos or doing other hands-on projects. His favorite type of movies are mysteries, his favorite animals are pandas, and his favorite flower is a rose. Like Karissa, Donovan has an interest in music and plays the harmonica.

With almost 500 children in foster care in St. Clair County, more families are needed to care for children in foster care, says Kieu.

For more information about Karissa and Donovon or to find out more about becoming a foster parent, contact the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition: