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What do you like about art?

Shiloh’s young artists will show their work Friday, May 1, at the 14th Annual Shiloh School District Art Show.

More than a thousand original pieces, ranging from drawings to three-dimensional sculptures, will fill the halls of Shiloh Elementary School. Early childhood classes through eighth grade have contributed. The evening’s festivities begin at 6:30 and continue until 8:30.

Creative stations will be set up in the school gym where children and adults can make and take art home. Activities include flying dragons, inflatable bubbles, stamping, Native American rubbings, name tag design, airplane design, animal mask and origami fortune tellers.

Here’s what the artists had to say about art.

“You can do anything your mind imagines, like making a knight fighting a dragon. Let your imagination run free. I like ceramics because you can mold clay into anything in a 3D shape. (For the ceramic face), getting the perfect color that I needed was hard. I mixed white, brown and black and gray, a little bit, for my glasses. My hair is the same color. For some reason, I think that’s what I am going to be like when I grow up.”

Alex Gilbert, 8

third grade

“I really want to be an artist. I like all of it. My picture is like a castle and I added some stuff in the window and thought I could make it really nice, and was surprised when Ms. Johnson picked it.”

Sydney Kitchell, turns 7 today (April 26)

first grade

“I like making art. I like markers the best. Some smell good. (This clay piece) is a cup. At home, I made a puppet by using a Popsicle stick. I named it Jack.”

Maggie Lawler, 7

first grade

“It’s like my favorite thing to do, to make stuff. I like making things with clay. I was surprised how good my giraffe turned out. When I take it home, I’ll play with it and won’t let my baby brother touch it because he’s good at breaking things.”

Iayana Thompson, 8

second grade

“Everything, because I like to color and paint, and it makes me learn new things. Oil pastels are my favorite. They are sort of like crayons but not exactly. They’re like chalk. (For this project,) you put your name on the top and trace on the back side. I made mine into a montser. It was really fun, but took me a while to to it.”

Carolina Navarro, 9

third grade

“I like everything about art. Painting is my favorite. (For the cut-out letter collage), I looked at one of the examples. It took two days. When I take it home, my mom is probably going to hang it up in the living room. She’s done that before.”

Shaelin Kennedy, 9

third grade

“You can use your imagination, and it makes me feel like I am alive and free. I like clay and markers and pens. I chose to make a red bird because I like bright colors. I wanted her hair to look like mine. t took a long time to make it, and it was very hard. Everyone was working so fast. I wanted mine to be good. I had to pull off the head a couple times. The beak just came, then I made (the rest). ... At home, I have a little shelf I put my artwork on and I will probably put it up there.”

Lilly Siville, 10

fourth grade

“I like that we get to make clay and stuff. (Blake made and painted a clay vase, then added a white daisy). I might give it as a present or something.”

Blake Keller, 6


“I like the creativity of art and all the different things we get to use. I like the paint best. This (oil pastel) artwork is called ‘Fireworks.’ I made eight fireworks. I like bright colors. I used brights and a couple darks. I am going to show it to my parents. They will say that it’s really good.”

Mackenzie Stacker, 10

fourth grade

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