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Wally gives thanks for dogs, cats and a lot of other stuff

Dogs help veterans through Troy’s Got Your Six organization

Group provides service dogs to veterans with PTSD
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Group provides service dogs to veterans with PTSD

It’s that season again, where people like me rail against the commercial creep of Christmas overwhelming Thanksgiving.

Actually it’s more like a commercial tidal wave of Christmas as we are flooded with advertising from all sides with everyone looking to snatch our money during the giving season. How ridiculous is it? I saw a truck commercial the other day that suggested it would be a good idea to give his and her new pickups for Christmas. I guess maybe if you won the lottery.

But we shouldn’t give such short shrift to that upcoming great holiday in which we overdose on great food and football – Thanksgiving.

At this time when most of us can be thankful that the election is over, for at least a couple of weeks anyway, and that our houses haven’t burned in a forest fire, it a good time to consider what else there is to be grateful for.

Like I said, I am thankful that the elections are over, at least outside Florida, and all that’s left are the expert opinions of the commentators on what it will mean in the new year.

Now that I am of retirement age, I am thankful that in a few weeks the Medicare open enrollment period will be over and people will stop calling me with medical insurance plans.

I am grateful for dogs because they are so dog-gone loyal.

I am grateful for cats because they teach you to know better than to expect gratitude.

I am thankful for modern medicines that keep me relatively healthy even when I constantly cheat on my diet.

I am grateful for sidewalks so I am not such a tempting target for demented motorists when I am walking.

I am thankful for heavy metal music because it makes me so happy when it is finally over.

I am thankful for “NCIS,” the crime investigation show that continues to surprise me nearly every week.

I am thankful for the people who serve in the military to protect us, for the people who are the forces between us and crime and the people who stand by at all times of the day and night to protect those who are injured or become ill and need help.

I am thankful for a forum in which to throw out my opinions and goofiness, even if part-time.

I am thankful for technology which keeps me entertained even if it is just watching “Star Trek” reruns. It still amazes me that they got away with some of those revealing female costumes on that show back on ‘60s television.

I am thankful for chocolate long johns, my favorites, and for chocolate covered peanuts.

I am thankful for hardware stores which, although they take my money, also provide me with hours of entertainment as I wander through.

I am thankful that there are so many things to be thankful for that there isn’t enough space to list them all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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