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What are the rules for using good manners when at an amusement park?

I took my children to a local amusement park for a “day of fun” recently and I had a rude awakening at how some children (including young teenagers and older teenagers) behave or misbehave. It’s like when they are away from school and home, they forget about their manners altogether. Could you please provide some basics on good manners to follow when at an amusement park, to include not cutting in line, running over people, spilling drinks, spitting, screaming and yelling, rough-housing, shaking water on others, foul language, dropping trash -- you name it, I saw it.

My, sounds like it was not exactly the fun day it could have been and that is a shame. It sort of reminds me of that old saying: “School’s out, school’s out; someone let the mules out,” and one envisions all these mules running all around, kicking up their heels, and forgetting there are others around.

Be considerate of everyone who is around you and make sure you do not keep them from having a good time by following these basic rules:

1) Do not try to get ahead of anyone in line, whether it is a line to buy tickets for rides, to get on a ride, to order or purchase food, to find a table at which to eat; to enter a restroom facility; to use the water fountain, or to have a picture taken with a park character.

2) Running can be dangerous because you could accidentally run into someone else and knock them down or hurt them or injure yourself by running into something. Walking at a normal speed is much better and safer.

3) Follow good dining manners. Whether you are eating a hot dog or hamburger, do not lick your fingers; use a napkin; chew with your mouth closed; do not stuff too much food in your mouth at one time; do not talk while your mouth is full; sit still or stand still while you are eating; do not sling your arms and hands around while eating; do not slurp your beverage; be careful not to spill your beverage; put all trash in a trash can; do not make so much noise that you disturb other people who are eating near you or with you for that matter; wash your hands before eating and after as necessary.

4) Do not use inappropriate language at any time.

5) Do not spit anywhere at any time; use a tissue.

6) Stay in line and be careful not to step on anyone’s feet.

7) Be polite to all the ride attendants and follow the rules which are provided.

8) If you get wet on a ride, do not shake your body so as to spray water on anyone else after you get off the ride.

9) Yelling and screaming when near others is not appropriate.

10) Wash your hands after using the restroom.

11) Do not invade someone else’s space, especially if you are hot and sweaty.

12) Do not be a bully to anyone in any way.

13) Say “please” and “thank you” as appropriate.

14) If you rode with someone else, be sure to be at the appointed place at the appointed time when you are supposed to leave the park.

15) Thank the person, even when it is your own parent, who drove you to the park and returned you home.

Dianne Isbell: